North Georgia school of Gospel Music

Charles Towler, Director of NGSGM
Charles has a B. S. Education Degree from the University of Georgia. He taught 6 years in public schools in Georgia and South Carolina. In 1965 he became part of the staff of Tennessee Music and Printing Company, and served there for 32 years, compiling and editing 64 Convention songbooks for both Tennessee Music and James D. Vaughan, Music Publisher. More than 300 of his gospel songs and two Christmas musicals have been published. In September 1997, Charles started his own company, Gospel Heritage Music and does arranging, music typesetting and publishing. Also he teaches music schools at local churches throughout the year and became the Director of the North Georgia School of Gospel Music in 2007. Charles has also been Minister of Music at various churches and has recently recently retired after 15 years of service at Waterville Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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